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How it works

The Intoxalock® Interlock device is a breathalyzer that is wired to your vehicle's ignition. It determines the breath alcohol concentration via an electro-chemical sensor system. Prior to starting the car engine, the ignition interlock requests a breath sample from the driver. If alcohol is detected above Colorado's legal limit, the immobilizer will prevent the motor from starting. If alcohol is not detected the engine will start normally. Throughout the drive, the device will prompt the driver to retest periodically and if alcohol is detected while driving the ignition interlock will alert the driver then start up an alarm such as flashing lights or a honking horn. This alarm will continue to sound until the ignition is turned off or a clean breath sample is provided. At no point in time will the car stall or "die" due to a positive breath sample. The device is only responsive to alcohol and will be ready to use and functional even in the most extreme temperatures.

Ignition Interlock Device

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